Lighthouse Community Credit Union and Resource Center are doubling-down on efforts to empower members of the Vancouver community in the pursuit of greater financial freedom.

In partnership with Save First Financial Wellness, Lighthouse has gained access to one-on-one coaching, financial classes and workshops, and a range of tools aimed at helping members of the Vancouver community better understand their credit, reduce debt, and save for the future. At Lighthouse Community Credit Union and Resource Center, we're a beacon of hope and opportunity, so it makes sense to partner with like minded organizations that share our mission of financial empowerment and expand our capacity to reach and serve more members of the community. Save First brings over a decade of experience in financial literacy and a robust financial wellness toolkit that will be available to all Lighthouse CCU members as well as members of the Vancouver community. Together, we're helping people change the course of their financial futures.

Register by clicking below, or contact Lighthouse@SaveFirstFinancial.org for questions.

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