Asset Building

Individual Development Account (IDA) Programs

Oregon residents may qualify for the Matched Savings Program to help them start saving for goals such as:

  • Home Ownership

  • College Education

  • Rental Move-in Expenses

  • Home Repair

  • Vehicle Purchase or Repair

  • Retirement

How our IDAs Work

  • Apply to the Save First program using the online application
  • Purchase an Annual Membership, or apply for a scholarship
  • Attend a Financial Wellness Workshop (online workshop available)
  • Apply for coaching and work with a financial coach (virtual online coaching available)
  • Referral from financial coach to apply for the IDA after creating budget & savings plan that ensures your success in the program.

Note: Applicants must be an Oregon resident, meet IDA income & asset limits, and demonstrate ability to make monthly deposits at the time of the IDA application.

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