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Our Mission

Save First Financial Wellness is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve financial stability and secure their basic needs by providing the guidance and support needed to navigate financial challenges and build a better future.


We envision a society where financial stability is fundamental to our basic needs and accessible to all who are willing to work at it.


A holistic approach

Based on trust-filled relationships

Providing hope through our services

Please Help Us Reach more people with Financial empowerment services.

Financial stability is fundamental to our basic needs.

When we don’t have our money matters in order, we can struggle to provide the food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare we all need to thrive. And many of us don’t realize how financially vulnerable our friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers may be. It doesn’t take much to suddenly find yourself in financial trouble—unsure how to dig out of the red so you can continue living your life.

Across the country, 50% of Americans do not have $400 in their savings to weather an unexpected financial hardship. A solid financial foundation can ensure a better quality of life for yourself and those who depend on you.

Please help us provide financial stability services to the community by giving today!

Please Help Us Reach more people with Financial empowerment services.

How We Came to Be

Save First Financial Wellness started in 2010 as an economic empowerment program initially assisting Providence Health & Services in managing their “Helping Hand Fund”-- a pool of money supported by Providence employees to help their fellow caregivers meet unexpected financial hardships. Save First expanded its program in 2011 to offer complete financial wellness services. Today, Save First provides financial wellness services to employers and community partners.

As Save First grew, we formed an advisory council to assist in the growth process. To see who is on our advisory committee, please Click Here.

Our Team

Molly O'Donnell
Molly O'Donnell
Executive Director
Cynthia Molina
Cynthia Molina
Program Director
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Olga Johnson
Olga Johnson
Manager of Financial Education and Counseling

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