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Waiting for your Unemployment Check benefits?

Despite submitting their claims in mid-March, many people in SW Washington and Oregon have yet to receive a single penny from their state or federal CARES $600 unemployment benefit. How was my client able to get through to a live unemployment representative within 10 minutes while...

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​Still Waiting on a Stimulus Check?

A recent report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) found that an estimated 12 million Americans have not received a CARES...

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Good Credit Habits Earn Results

Recently when talking with two clients, one client had only one credit card, and the other client had two cards, but both had credit scores close to 800. How did they do this? Here are some of their tips: They setup Autopay for bills that...

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Negotiation Tips for our Consumer Society

American consumers drive the economy, accounting for 70% of spending. Often, we receive what we pay for, but sometimes we don’t. What do you do when this happens? How do you resolve the issue, especially when every dollar counts? It is important to realize that...

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Closing a Credit Card

I recently was talking with a client who wanted to close her credit card and she mentioned that she had paid her credit card balance down to 0, yet when she received the following months statement it still showed that she had a small balance. I explained to her that interest accrues daily and...

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