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Rising Inflation

You may be hearing a lot about rising inflation and have noticed a price increase in food, gasoline, auto, and housing prices. Is this a long-term trend or a temporary short-term trend? Before we can answer these questions, we should define what inflation is, as well as what the Fed...

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Planning for the Future

What does your future look like? Although we cannot predict what it will look like, we can take steps like making a priority list and setting goals that will help give us a better idea of what our future could look like. The ideal way to begin is...

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Consumer Advocacy

As we know all too well, there are many forms of injustice in our world: social, racial, environmental, and numerous others. Today, I want talk about economic injustice and how this affects you. Afterwards we will go over methods of empowerment to even the playing field. People...

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Back to (Financial) Basics

April is Financial Literacy month, and here at Save First, we are celebrating by providing information, resources, and guidance about various financial topics. This week’s focus is on getting back to basics – those tenants of personal finances...

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Tips on Social Security

Did you know that 178 million Americans are taxed through work, and that Social Security provides monthly benefits to more than 69 million Americans? Social Security has been one of the most successful federal programs, providing a strong economic foundation to millions of...

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