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​Finances and Stress, Stay Calm and Save!

Finances and Stress, Stay Calm and Save! Money issues is one of the most common causes of stress in our society. There have been many surveys done over the years that demonstrate over 75% of Americans report feeling anxious about their financial situation. Financial anxiety can affect...

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​The Best Things in Life Are Free: ​Free and Low-Cost Activities

Any parent of small children will tell you that the days are long, but the years are short. Now that my children are ten and thirteen, I can attest to this old adage. Where has the time gone? And, yet can I even remember my life before they entered it? One of my favorite things about...

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Money Saving Ideas

Happy Financial Literacy Month! With inflation at record levels and employee wages not keeping pace, many of us are attempting to make our dollars stretch as far as possible. Throughout the years, I am sure you have heard the phrase, “you get what you pay...

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Rising Inflation

You may be hearing a lot about rising inflation and have noticed a price increase in food, gasoline, auto, and housing prices. Is this a long-term trend or a temporary short-term trend? Before we can answer these questions, we should define what inflation is, as well as what the Fed...

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Planning for the Future

What does your future look like? Although we cannot predict what it will look like, we can take steps like making a priority list and setting goals that will help give us a better idea of what our future could look like. The ideal way to begin is...

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This is a financial blog designed to help you meet your financial goals. Our team of financial educators, counselors, and coaches discuss relevant topics for everyday financial matters.