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What Is The Right Amount Of Retirement Money For Me?

During an appointment I had with a client on retirement recently, the conversation moved to questions related to how much money would be necessary for them save in order to retire. Is my investment allocation appropriate? How much do I need in savings?

These questions focus on the...

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Values- What is Important to You?

It is good practice for all of us to know both what is important and what is enjoyable in life. This topic is discussed during the client meetings where I often ask clients to find a place where they can relax, free up their minds and think about it. Contemplate what you would like...

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Expenses- Tips on Gaining Control

There’s nothing like back-to-school time to remind me of the challenges of real-life budgeting! In the budgeting world, we generally categorize expenses as “fixed” and “variable”.

What are they?

Fixed expenses remain the same each month like rent,...

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Tools for Choosing a College

With the cost of college tuition seems to increase daily, it is natural for people to wonder if a four-year public-school education is worth the $100,000+ it could possibly cost. For a private university education, we can expect to pay even more. There are some online tools available that...

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What's the Total Cost?

Living in a consumer-driven society, we often buy things that appear less expensive than they really are only to find the true cost is much higher! I’m talking about buying larger items on credit, whether it’s an automobile or an appliance like a washer or refrigerator.

The seller...

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