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What is "The Rule of 72"?

Have you ever wondered how long before money doubles or what the true cost of a credit card that charges 25% annually is? I have the tool for you, and it’s called “The Rule of 72”. The Rule of 72 is a simple way to determine...

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A Tale of Two Houses

A Tale of Two Households Having met with many clients over the years it’s interesting to see how each of them budgets, saves, and invests their money. What’s even more revealing, as seen in the example below, is how much more a family can...

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How Much is a Livable Wage?

How much money do you need to earn for a livable wage? The short answer- it depends on the area of the country that you live in. If you live in San Francisco, you’d need $46.74 per hour or $97,219 annually for a single parent with two children.* In Portland, $35.53 an hour...

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What Motivates You to Save, Spend, or Invest in the Future?

To truly understand why people make the decisions they do, it’s important to understand what motivates them. Psychology is crucial in helping them see how they can have their deeper needs and wants align with their behavior. I’m a financial coach and not a psychologist....

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Intergenerational Homeownership

As a HUD approved agency, we help our clients with many aspects of homeownership, from helping them get out of debt to building their credit and saving for a down payment. When deciding to buy a home, they do so for many reasons; to have a place of their own, to build wealth, essentially to...

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