​The Best Things in Life Are Free: ​Free and Low-Cost Activities

Any parent of small children will tell you that the days are long, but the years are short. Now that my children are ten and thirteen, I can attest to this old adage. Where has the time gone? And, yet can I even remember my life before they entered it?

One of my favorite things about being a parent is the way it forces you to slow down and look at the world around you with child-like eyes. How many hours of my life did I spend watching garbage trucks, excavator equipment, firetrucks, and buses when they were still the most amazing things to my toddlers? How long were we rapt and breathless staring at a bumble bee in lavender? Or how many times did we experience the giddy excitement right before we enter a new park with a particularly good slide?

The beautiful thing: none of these experiences cost us any money; they were free and readily available. So, in honor of Financial Literacy Month, I am compiling a list of my family’s favorite free and low-cost activities in Portland and Vancouver. And, you bet you can still find us prowling around towns looking for particularly good slides! 😊

Free Favorites




*Of special note is the regional gem that is the Vancouver Community Library. Voted one of the ten best libraries in the U.S. It is just where you need to go on one of the rainy days of winter! https://www.fvrl.org/




Free Holiday Themed:

Low-Cost Favorites:





Get in touch and let us know your favorite free and low-cost activities around town!

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