Coach Perspectives

Ron Eiseman

Catholic Charities Volunteer of the Year

"As a volunteer for Save First Financial Wellness, Catholic Charities has been very supportive for me: providing training, doing research, and connecting me with helpful resources to share with my clients. Working with Catholic Charities, and most importantly my clients, has been a real joy and most satisfying personal experience. I have found this to be time very well spent and derive much personal satisfaction in seeing my clients succeed."

Robert Mangold

Making the World a Better Place, One Coach at a Time

"I really enjoy the experience of coaching at Save First. It's one thing to write a check to your favorite charity. It's quite another (better!) to work one-on-one with a real person who I can actually assist. Witnessing the improvements in their life that I had a small role in is heartwarming. Everyone needs a second chance and Save First provides that. As a retired US Forest Service employee, I’m happy that I can keep serving people in our community."

Margaret Jamieson

Everyone Can Benefit From Having Someone on Their Side

"I have learned a lot about managing money in my life--the hard way, through experience. I immediately connected with the Save First team and could see their hearts are in this work. I’m a people person, so I really enjoy getting to know each client, listening to their concerns, and helping them come up with a plan for the future. Many of my clients are really alone when it comes to their finances--meaning they don’t have people to talk to when things get tough. So I make sure they know that we’re in this together."

Jennifer Winslow

Lessening the Burdens of Debt Leads to a Hopeful Future

"As a financial coach for over three years now, I’ve seen Save First evolve to become a unique way to help people learn the fundamentals of budgeting and managing money. When people seek coaching, they are motivated to change the habits that led to their financial problems. Coaching empowers them with knowledge, tools, and support to get back on track to building a more secure future. The Save First staff have been great too, providing ongoing training and support, and bringing the volunteer coaches together so we can learn from each other. They are constantly looking for ways to make the coaching process more effective for all."

Sebastian Rodrigues

A Career in Finances Prepared Me for Coaching

"Save First truly demonstrate their mission by extending their financial wellness services to all, providing individualized financial coaching and personal support. As a coach, we focus on empowering clients to succeed and become financially independent. The Save First staff is very professional and they make it easy for volunteers to do their jobs. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve individuals and families from all backgrounds."