Coach Perspectives

Ron Eiseman

Catholic Charities Volunteer of the Year

"As a volunteer for Save First Financial Wellness, Catholic Charities has been very supportive for me: providing training, doing research, and connecting me with helpful resources to share with my clients. Working with Catholic Charities, and most importantly my clients, has been a real joy and most satisfying personal experience. I have found this to be time very well spent and derive much personal satisfaction in seeing my clients succeed."

Robert Mangold

Making the World a Better Place, One Coach at a Time

"I really enjoy the experience of coaching at Save First. It's one thing to write a check to your favorite charity. It's quite another (better!) to work one-on-one with a real person who I can actually assist. Witnessing the improvements in their life that I had a small role in is heartwarming. Everyone needs a second chance and Save First provides that. As a retired US Forest Service employee, I’m happy that I can keep serving people in our community."

Michelle Craver

Everyone Can Benefit From Having Someone on Their Side

“It has been my pleasure to work with Save First clients over the past three years and guide them throughout their financial journey. It has been extremely satisfying working with clients and helping them realize their financial goals. Life can be overwhelming at times, so we can all use a little bit of encouragement and guidance to help us on our path. My goal is to empower clients to manage their finances and put them in charge of their destiny. I especially enjoy working with women -- understanding the challenges they face, setting short and long term goals, and helping them get on their path to a successful financial future.”

George Campbell

Lessening the Burdens of Debt Leads to a Hopeful Future

“The opportunity to serve others by being a volunteer Financial Coach with Save First has been a tremendous honor. Meeting a variety of people and offering the tools and resources that can help them when they need it most is special. The team at Save First provides excellent support and ongoing training for coaches allowing us to provide exceptional value to our clients. Feeling the client’s emotion when we reach solutions together that improve their financial situation is heartwarming. Knowing that we have helped changed someone’s life for the better is so rewarding!”

Sebastian Rodrigues

A Career in Finances Prepared Me for Coaching

"Save First truly demonstrate their mission by extending their financial wellness services to all, providing individualized financial coaching and personal support. As a coach, we focus on empowering clients to succeed and become financially independent. The Save First staff is very professional and they make it easy for volunteers to do their jobs. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve individuals and families from all backgrounds."