How Does Financial Wellness Benefit the Workplace?

Eve Logsdon

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

“PeaceHealth stands at the forefront of caring. Not just for the communities and patients we are privileged to serve but for each other. Our PeaceHealth Mission calls us to treat each person in a loving and caring way, and we extend this same compassionate care to our caregivers. We know financial, physical, and mental wellness are equally important to overall health. Through financial coaching and the Helping Hands Fund, both administered through our partnership with Save First Financial, as well as other programs and resources, our caregivers have access to a variety of resources to support their spiritual, emotional, and financial needs while ensuring their privacy and respecting their dignity.”

Tom Sanchez

The Oregon Clinic CEO

“At The Oregon Clinic, we care deeply about the health and wellness of all our employees. We were looking for a way to equitably support staff experiencing financial hardship while maintaining privacy over their financial situation. Save First provides an innovative solution that meets all our needs. From vetting support requests from individual employees experiencing a financial crisis to providing supportive financial counseling, Save First is there for our team.”

Human Resources

The Portland Clinic

"Save First has been a wonderful partner in helping to provide financial assistance to staff experiencing hardship. Particularly during these challenging times, having an organization whose goals align with ours has only helped them serve as a trusted resource. The great thing about this program is that it can provide immediate financial assistance to our employees and resources such as financial wellness classes and financial counseling that help staff confidently take charge of their personal finances."

Nina Stratton

Retired Vice President at Burgerville

"With its mission to improve financial wellness through empowerment, Save First has been an ideal partner for Burgerville. The company uses a comprehensive approach to help our team members find lasting solutions to financial situations."

General Manager at Burgerville

General Manager at Burgerville

"Since we started working with Save First, my store has had at least four employees utilize the program in one way or another. It has benefitted our staff, offering support ranging from housing to transportation to financial education."

Marc Bowers

General Manager at Burgerville

"Since creating this fund, I have had at least four employees get assistance from the plan in one way or another. It has shown to benefit our staff that truly needed support with housing issues (couch surfing), vehicle issues, or overwhelming bills. This is evident when the employee comes to work smiling and happy to be here because they are in a safe place now, have transportation, or paid off medical bills. We are fortunate that this fantastic fund helps staff out on a personal level away from work. This builds loyalty for Burgerville's retention efforts and shows that our company is mission-led with "Serve with Love "at its core. I often remind all staff about the fund's value, our benefits over our competition, and why this makes our company unique and special. We are blessed to work for a caring company, which shows in many ways. Thank you personally and professionally."

Tim Serban

Chief Mission Integration Officer at Providence Health & Services

"On behalf of the Providence Regional Office of Mission Integration in Oregon, I am pleased to commend our long-standing collaboration with Save First Financial. In 2010, we ventured into a new relationship to expand our Providence Helping Hand Fund, designed to support our caregivers who encounter unexpected and challenging moments. Through our partnership, we have moved upstream to support caregivers who may benefit from financial coaching. Through this program, our caregivers learn new tools for achieving financial well-being and stability. We have seen our caregivers break the cycle of debt and return as volunteers to help teach others how to do the same. The incredible caring team of Save First Financial has been there to help us support our caregivers in a confidential and meaningful way. In addition, we value this program as it helps us identify some of the greatest unmet needs facing our caregivers and our community sooner. We deeply value our partnership and this program's support as we strive to care for our entire community."

Joan Kapowich

Retired Senior Executive at Providence Health & Services

“Save First is a stellar program. Helping others succeed, we grow healthier, stable employees and communities.”

Laurie Kelley

Group Vice President / Chief Philanthropy Officer

"Providence has long had a program whereby employees (which we call "caregivers") can obtain a one-time distribution of financial assistance during a time of extreme financial hardship. Accidents can cause these hardships, such as the death of a loved one, unexpected costs such as rent increases, transportation issues, or medical expenses. Since 2010, Save First has been the linchpin administering this program for Providence. Caregivers who are approved to access a one-time gift of financial support are required to take classes provided by Save First to help them plan a personal budget and plan for unexpected expenses. This results in financial empowerment for these caregivers and gives them life-enhancing skills. Access to personal financial coaching gives them new tools to help them avoid future financial crises. This confidential service has been a lifesaver for many Providence caregivers. It gives hardworking employees a much-needed lift to overcome tough times and move into a more hopeful future. This would not be possible without the team of professional partners at Save First Financial."

Fr. Tim Bushy

Director of Mission Integration & Spiritual Formation at Providence Health Plan

“Over the years Providence Health Plan caregivers have been blessed by the Providence Helping Hands Fund administered by Save First Financial Wellness. One of our caregivers needed to remove herself and her child from an abusive home setting and begin again in a new apartment. With financial support from our Helping Hands Fund and guidance from Save First, she was able to move into a safe environment and start over financially for herself and her child. She’s forever grateful for our assistance and help and really felt cared for in a very compassionate manner.”