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Intergenerational Homeownership

As a HUD approved agency, we help our clients with many aspects of homeownership, from helping them get out of debt to building their credit and saving for a down payment. When deciding to buy a home, they do so for many reasons; to have a place of their own, to build wealth, essentially to...

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Why Is It So Hard to Save and What Can Be Done About It?

Trying to save money in is very difficult as we are constantly bombarded with ads touting “how great you’ll be” and how “your life will be transformed!” through our product. I like to compare this to trying to stop eating Doritos, it is extremely hard to eat just one (okay,...

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Do Your Feelings Affect How You Manage Your Money?

Does thinking about your finances ever make you feel anxious? Well then, you are not alone. Fear, sadness, guilt, and even anger are very common emotions that people experience around the topic of money. When people talk about money and finances, they tend to use words like “income”, “credit”,...

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Some General Rules for Car Buying:

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