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Tools for Choosing a College

With the cost of college tuition seems to increase daily, it is natural for people to wonder if a four-year public-school education is worth the $100,000+ it could possibly cost. For a private university education, we can expect to pay even more. There are some online tools available that...

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What's the Total Cost?

Living in a consumer-driven society, we often buy things that appear less expensive than they really are only to find the true cost is much higher! I’m talking about buying larger items on credit, whether it’s an automobile or an appliance like a washer or refrigerator.

The seller...

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Food and Finances

It’s summer and one thing my family loves about this season is all the fresh fruit, especially berries. One of the best ways to eat more fruit and save is to pick your own. The cost savings are huge. This, however, is only worth it if you think picking fruit is fun, and everyone in your family...

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​Let’s Talk: Talking to Kids About Money

Most of us were taught never to talk about politics, religion, or money. As a culture, this old-school mentality hasn’t been serving us very well (see modern social/political discourse). We need to talk about these things because they ARE complicated topics. Ideally, we are the ones role...

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​Finances and Stress, Stay Calm and Save!

Finances and Stress, Stay Calm and Save!

Money issues is one of the most common causes of stress in our society. There have been many surveys done over the years that demonstrate over 75% of Americans report feeling anxious about their financial situation. Financial anxiety can affect...

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