Finances Can be Difficult to Talk About

Many people find it uncomfortable to discuss their financial situation and while these discussions can be some of the most uncomfortable, they can also be the most productive. Numerous studies have shown that couples argue about money more than any other subject - and because we have an economy that depends on us buying stuff, there can be a lot of pressure to spend, spend, spend.

What if you could talk with a professional financial coach who meets you where you are, someone that does not judge you and has your best interest in mind? Since our coaches are not trying to “sell” you anything, they can focus on helping come up with a personalized plan to get out of debt, build credit, save for emergencies, and other goals.

Many of us simply haven’t learned good money habits from our parents or from school. When asked this question in many presentations, “What does money represent to you?”, we often hear as many negative as positive answers. We can help you develop different strategies and uses for your money.

We’ve coached hundreds of people and have numerous testimonials about how it has changed their lives. Why don’t you give us a call today, check us out to see if you feel comfortable talking with a coach.

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